Weighing in at 300 pounds was a dynamo of a deer named Da Dude or DD for short. He stood over 7 feet tall at the tips of his giant rack and was picture perfect in his physique. DD was the alpha deer in a herd of 29 members of the McCain farm in Trump County. He strategically surveyed his 5500-acre reign from a sandstone outcrop lying roughly in the middle of it all. DD, in the prime of his 9-year existence, has seen quite a few changes over the years. As a fawn, he noticed those strange creatures, called humans, paid more attention to his species in late summer when they showed up in their pickup trucks with food that they would lay on the ground. It was deliciously addictive. Later, during the rut season, they would come back and hide in the woods with camouflaged clothing and a strange device they called a bow. It was devastating to DD’s group but nowhere near as malicious as when they showed up with metal sticks making loud noises; it was followed shortly by an exploding member of his immediate family. This was full blown war. DD explained to his group that these 2-legged demons need to be annihilated at all costs. So, they constructed tunnels of branches right up to the little seats the humans hung from the tree trunks. Nothing got past the deer because during their existence, they were constantly being threatened by wolves and coyotes. The deer had no fear of death. They knew their life cycle included it, so sacrifice of the older and weaker members was tantamount to the health of the herd. When crossing paths with the humans, they noticed although they had clever weapons but they feared death, so when the metal stick season came, they are now intent on getting as close to the hunter as possible. When the 2 explosions occur, they will take the cowardly bastards with them. The passive deer just ate their sacrificial dinners and when the opportunity arose, they would appear just below the hunter’s tree stand, via the tunnels. BANG, BOOM, ALL GONE! 

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