The metal and plastic mix of functional and ornamental parts culminates at the end of an assembly line as a work of Art (and Bill and Tom and Don, etc.). The 70 million plus cars that are constructed each year in the world, at a value in excess of $2 trillion, drives the global economy and employs 50 million direct and support people. That’s a jaguar’s leap from Ford’s 1915 Model T’s 300,000 production units at $400 each, the US’s most popular seller. The underlying factor for this industry is the simple concept of time. Humans walk too slow, tire too fast when running, and cannot tolerate a moody horse, so the automobile was invented to get somewhere faster. When that was accomplished, it wasn’t fast enough, so more horsepower was added to reduce the time. This repeated itself until they killed each other in high-speed accidents. No problem: merely increase the mass and you increase the survival rate until you meet an equal foe that just threw bodies all over the highway due to the rapid deceleration rates. No problem again: just install belts and bags to contain the occupants and lighten the mass to reduce the forces. As the death rate decreased, it soon climbed again as more drivers hit the road demanding higher speed limits to cut down on time. We now have plastic- and glass-infused commuters bleeding all over nylon air bags until their hearts run out of blood to pump. These corpses join the ranks of drivers and their victims, who at first didn’t have enough time, but now have no time at all. The solution to this epidemic is simple: slow time down, thus, giving people ample time to arrive at their destinations safely. Modify all clocks and watches to double the time interval of one second, thus, giving people twice as much time to be on time. Imagine the pleasure of driving your mechanical steed with no one on your ass trying to get somewhere faster, only to wait twice as long for their appointment to materialize. Bye, Bye, Road Rage. 

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