Mr. Charles Umberto Mohler III, slowly stood up, balancing on his big 12EEE feet. A good pedestal for a not so good person. His feet slid his mass across the room to where his mail was laying on the kitchen table. He reached for the bright blue coveted letter that appeared in his apartment delivery box one week earlier. In it was an official notification that he had won two tickets to the NIHILIST concert that was going to perform at 8:00PM tonight. CHUCK DA TURD, as his 5-year-old nephew with speech difficulties called him. He was the only one allowed to use that term. Anyone else would have been beaten into a Beetle Bailey heap after the Sarge finished him off. Ignoring his short fuse and violent tendencies, Mr. Mohler passionately enjoyed all music; the sounds that soothed the savage beast. He reached for the black box that was used to summon an Autonomous Automobile (AA) when transportation was required. Scanning his QR barcode identifier card and then his concert ticket code, all information was uploaded into the CLOUD. Within one minute, a response QR was printed stating the time Chuck had to be out in front of his apartment so that his AA could take him to his venue. At precisely 6:37PM, the black STAGECOACH appeared, and the door hissed open. Traveling Priority as the QR indicated, there was no one in the ride and Chuck entered alone. The QR was scanned and after the door was sealed, it immediately accelerated to its selected destination. All AA’s are windowless, black transporters that have been stripped down to just a comfortable chair encased in an electronic world of entertainment devices. Chuck elected to just feel the rapid acceleration and braking going on and within 36 minutes, it arrived. As the door hissed open, 4 police officers were waiting and announced: MR. CHARLES UMBERTO MOHLER III, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST! The tickets were a sting operation and Chuck was delivered to the 1st police precinct to be arraigned for his outstanding warrants. 

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