The automobile of the future will instill a new meaning for the word: TRUST. As we hand the autonomous vehicle the reins of our own personal stagecoach, some apprehension will surface. Entrusting mechanical devices is nothing new for humans as we have driven, flown, and propelled ourselves underwater with machinery that self regulates the safety of our environment, but with an overriding human element. In a commercial plane, equipped with autopilot, there are still 2 human forms in that cockpit who’ll flip off the switch and take control manually just to stay in practice and to justify their hefty salary.  When we mix humans and electronically managed cars, unforeseen boo-boos will occur and the media will jump on the tragedies, just like a husband on his bride on their wedding night. The pioneers engineering these complex interactions will make some mistakes, and will be quick to correct them when they surface their ugly heads at the price of human life. Decades of planes falling out of the sky did not kill the aviation industry, but rather made it safer. Removing hung over pilots with electronic circuits vastly improved the performance of the industry. This is in an environment that has 3 dimensions, cars only travel in 2, but there are vastly more participants in this mode of transportation. In time, all the bugs will be exterminated, along with some poor souls, but that’s the price of progress. Just use the medical industry as a barometer. Nowadays, robotic surgery is commonplace in some very personal locations. Perfect science is perfectly impossible the first time out. When the fear subsides and we crawl into our autonomous autos, we can watch our favorite movie in 3D and check our fluctuating finances as we Greyhound down the electronic highways with our flawless robotic chauffeur. We can now eat a tasty Twinkie and chase it down to the floorboards when we accidentally drop it, a maneuver that would have been suicidal years ago. 

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