Sid Miller (a 9D) was in his adjustable bed overlooking the facility’s magnificent garden. Lush with intense green leaves and seasoned with a rainbow’s worth of fantastic colors, the fruits of the residents’ labors were coming into full bloom. Patty Boyd’s (a 10D) BETTER BOY tomatoes were as red as a well waxed fire truck and almost as big. The men of GREEN ACHE-ORS privately laughed that she must have breast fed each and every one of them because of their vibrant health and the fact that Patty’s huge tits hung down to her stomach, the same height that the tomatoes grew at. A Navy veteran, Tom Harden’s (11EE) forest green cucumbers looked like attack submarines floating in a sea of soil, while Amanda Lipinski’s (10C) sunset orange pumpkins were big enough to cart Cinderella off to the ball. Surrounding the garden were flowers of many varieties to keep a constant kaleidoscope of color. As the season moved on, they were constantly tweaked by the Lesbian couple known as Liz and Bea Ann (both an 8 1/2 C). Sid enjoyed his days working in the garden, absorbing warm sunlight, and tending to the carrots. As he weeded the soil between the crops, Sid was so respective of life that he actually transplanted the weeds to a plot 100 yards down wind. LIFE IS LIFE. Last month, Sid fell and severely broke his pelvis. Misfortune had sentenced him to life in bed. Sid accepted his fate and began to coach the new patient, Jerry North (12EE), the finer skills of weeding and was happy with the progress his new apprentice had shown. He cried when he watched Jerry lovingly transplant a thistle down to the weed garden as he bled profusely due to his blood thinners. Sid was now ready to exit. He glanced at the garden one more time and looked up at the sign placed above the doors of all the rooms in the complex. It said, TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO LIVE. Sid summoned Nurse Amy (5C) and requested that she remove that plaque. Within 10 minutes, the sign and Sid were no more. 

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