The sadness of life surfaces when former active creatures gradually begin to lose mobility, strength, and prowess. In the animal world, this decline prevents it from efficiently capturing food and it begins the descent into death. With human beings, sympathy is 1 of the strongest instincts that manifests itself. Due to large brains that require much nourishment and learning, the infant of the species is totally dependent on the parent(s) for nearly 8 years (55 for some unfortunate progenitors). This compassion instinct carries on to the other end of the spectrum when the elders have difficulties fending for themselves. They are placed into facilities that specialize in this type of care. Although fed, housed, and clothed, the occupants of these assisted dying dungeons are lacking one vital component of human life: PURPOSE. An experimental institution has been constructed in an unspecified location in order to keep the data pure. It goes by the code name of GREEN ACHE-ORS. The underlying principle here is to give the occupants a reason to live and instill hope. It reverts back to man’s primitive days where, working together, they obtained their own food to stay alive. A small garden plot stands behind the building where the tenants in wheelchairs tilled the soil with their all-terrain tractor tires. Next, the guests in walkers or on crutches punched holes in the ground with the metal legs minus the rubber caps. Following them were the people suffering from Parkinson’s disease that scattered the seeds from their shaking hands. Right behind them were the Polio victims who dragged their useless leg to fill the seeded, punched holes with dirt. Following that pathetic bunch were those with bladder and colon (B&C) problems who watered and fertilized the crop. As the crops grew, the B&C group was sent out as needed along with the facial stroke crowd who emptied their drool cups over the garden. In time, the vegetables flourished, and all were happy. 

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