The late Sid Miller lay dead still in his bed. Sensors in his room recorded the exact moment he died and shut off the helium flow to his room. It is now being extracted and collected for distillation and recycling. All things at the GREEN ACHE-ORS FACILITY gets repurposed. With the helium abatement complete, it was now safe for humans to enter the room. The software unlocked the door allowing Nurse Amy access in to verify Sid’s lone, final decision to depart this planet. In a dignified final exodus from his crippled vehicle (body), into whatever location his own thoughts transported him, Sid Miller bypassed the stigma of suicide. He joined the ranks of all humans who crossed this point; that death is the toll booth on the highway to heaven. Hanging out just shy of this toll booth, with your broken-down vehicle in the latter stages of life, invites the highway robbers from extracting wealth, not from you, but from your heirs. Suicide was written into law and preached in religions as an evil that cannot be tolerated. Yet, both avenues reward you with either medals or sainthood if your intentional suicidal actions to give up your life, in order to save a fellow soldier or do it in the name of the Lord, materialize. Something is amiss. Those decisions near that toll booth are influenced by outside factors including greed, as a host of careers are financed by your reluctance to cross that point. When your pet BLACKIE has exhausted the set family monetary value, he is finally euthanized in a cost effective, acceptable way. However, if grandma is tired of her lack of quality of life and you assist her past the toll booth, you’re going to jail. HMMM? It must hinge on the number of legs because if you are caught cutting off 2 of BLACKIE’s legs and then euthanize him, you’re going to jail too. Sid Miller drove his vehicle right up to the toll booth on his own, got out, and abandoned his rickety earthbound conveyance, then crossed over to the other side. 

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