The top dog of all predatory creatures is a 4-to-6-ton behemoth that will annihilate its victims into unliving color with a black and white facade. This superpower of the sea has been known to chase its one-ton prey up onto an ice floe and drag it out to a horrible hydraulic execution. These tactic masters are a formidable foe alone but tend to form packs, thus amplifying its ferociousness and killing ability. As the world’s best equipped and most feared adversary, the Orca rules the seas with its presence. That is, until it met up with likes of an organized Penguin Nation led by a dangerous dictator named Kim 2 Songs. Having first pushed back at its much larger foe: the Pinnipeds; the Penguins then elected to annihilate the robust white warriors (Polar Bears) that occupied the top of the world. Now they have their sights set on the mighty Orca and have unleashed its soldier Penguins in a worldwide assault on them. After building up a presence through stealth and infiltration, the Penguins wait for the match of war to be thrown. The Orcas, led by a loose cannon named DONNY, scoffed at the short Penguins and threatened them immensely with their substantial weaponry. Unknown to the Orcas, the Penguins had infiltrated the Arctic and now were present in the heartland of Killer Whale territory, compromising their safe havens. The Penguins elected to use chemical weapons, as brave Penguins volunteered to be infected with a deadly virus and were sent out with the Ninja warriors. With their quicker maneuvers, the Penguins torpedoed their much larger enemies with little effect. As expected, the Orcas dropped their guard at the annoying assault. This is when the Penguins came on full speed into the Orca’s genitals. When the pain hit the brain, the Orca cringed with its mouth wide open. The diseased Penguin shot right down its throat, sealing its fate. In a short time, the dying Goliath sank to the bottom, a victim of a determined, diseased David. 

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