A cunning runt with a Napoleonic complex, Kim 2 Songs of the Penguin Nation was driven to overcome his almost comical personification perceived by the rest of the world. His genius shined when he fathered a strategy to alleviate the penguin’s natural enemy: the Seals. An effective and bold operation that employed many different creatures, all poised on constructing a giant pipeline to rid his Nation of their adversaries. The Seals used their overwhelming size to keep the Penguins contained in the Southern Hemisphere and viewed them as an insignificant species. The release of Penguin movies by humans infuriated Kim 2 Songs to no end. He saw these flicks as derogatory propaganda that portrayed his Nation as laughable, little, dancing fools and implemented a plan to show their superiority by conquering the #1 apex predator: the Polar Bears. In 2010, OPERATION TORPEDO was launched. Groups of 13 highly trained Penguins were launched into the transporter in hourly releases. Upon exiting, a sacrificial Penguin would offer his life as bait and free up the other 12 Ninja Penguins to execute their tactic of ramming the Polar Bear at high speeds into their rib cages. In the water, the velocities they can attain is impressive. One by one, the ribs cracked, and the Polar Bear labored to breathe. Multiple attacks soon dislodged sharp rib shards with a few puncturing the lungs. Drowning and death soon followed. With a sinking carcass that was cleaned by the scavengers lying on the ocean floor, no evidence was left for human scientists to study. Noticing a drop in Polar Bear populations, Academia inaccurately postulated that global warming was now responsible for the decline of a great apex predator. Overlooking the military tactics that the Penguin Nation employed, no one noticed the sudden appearance of Penguins in the Arctic. Their presence is obscured by their stealthy resemblance to an Arctic Puffin. Stupid, ignorant humans. 

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