From the planet Zalxon, interest in the scientific community was brewing. They had discovered a strange phenomenon in a solar system in one of the spiral arms of a distant galaxy. Just one in a supercluster of galaxies, this isolated spot was now under investigation. An amateur astronomer looking in a nondescript part of the sky had recorded a small planet that had albedo of .92; unusual for a rocky planet so close to its sun to be frozen. A robotic probe was sent at once. Using the space compressor as a means of transportation, the probe took only days to reach the object in question. Space compression relies on the Big Bang Theory that states that 13.8 billion years ago the universe was compressed into a tiny point. Since that time, matter was fixed, and only endless space is being created between it. Tapping into a mathematical space formula, an engineer figured out how to compress it ahead of your traveling direction. If you compress 2 billion light years of space, it becomes an obtainable dimension and only takes a short time to cross it. Entering the planet’s atmosphere, it hones in on the warmest spot on the sensors, 38.7372°N and 104.8804° West. The installation is buried in a covered mountain under many layers of ice and was huge. Melting its way in, the probe located a primitive quantum computer still hooked up to a nuclear power source. In a short time, all the information was scanned and translated into Zalxon. The story started to unfold. It seems all the organic creatures here were at war with each other. Just when it looked like everything was being resolved, a small, legless species that was still there, took it upon themselves to stop the healing process. The atmosphere was now in Runaway Refrigeration Mode and explains its icy surface only 93 million miles from the sun. The Zalxons have seen scenarios like this before. Buried deep in the Zalxons thought process are ironclad beliefs that are fixed. One is: NEVER TRUST A SNAKE!  

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