With ice returning to both poles and harmony restored to the million or so remaining species, the damaged planet was on the mend. The entire animal world (including Humans) was busy procreating life to fill up the void that the war had created. Everywhere, new lungs were filtering out the dust particles driven into the atmosphere by hundreds of nuclear weapons detonated years ago. The quantum computers had calculated to the gram of how much dust was needed to enter the upper atmosphere to reverse the Greenhouse Effect, and was now slowly putting on the brakes, so we didn’t have a runaway Refrigerator Effect. The goal was to return the planet’s climate to 1850 levels prior to the runaway Industrial Revolution. Life was now being metered by computers to attain these goals. The Orcas and other Aquatics were enjoying their shiny new superhighway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in old Nicaragua. In order to promote fairness for all species, there is a No Kill zone for a 50-mile radius on each side of and including the Kim Canal. This truce zone prohibits any predator from capturing prey in this biological soup bowl. After 50 miles, it’s business as usual. The Humans are forbidden to ingest any form of animal tissue and extract their proteins from vegetable matter such as beans. They are constantly monitored for methane production and wear activated charcoal underwear to reduce the gaseous discharge. The Pinnipeds are now a happy group that race around the seas chasing beach balls and balancing them on their noses. The Walruses have been given beach balls made out of Kevlar so as not to puncture them with their tusks. A huge memorial for the now extinct Polar Bears was erected in Greenland. There is a salty lake at the base, created by the tears of all who have visited the site. The world is at peace and happiness reigns supreme. Unknown to anyone, the stealthy snakes have slithered into the quantum computers. Revenge is best served cold. 

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