Waiting in silos or launchers, floating in subs, and tucked in bombays are about 4,000 active nuclear weapons and about 10,000 more in reserve. Sitting on shelves, scattered throughout the world are another 51,000 disassembled weapons that wouldn’t take much effort to put them back together again. They are all waiting for some nut to see what would happen if he pulled the trigger. Three scenarios are possible. 1: one and done, 2: an automatic response that unloads the clips into 2 countries, or 3: a cascading effect like a string of firecrackers that ignites all the storehouses. The fact that this many weapons are owned by 9(?) countries, but many more are envious and would like their very own WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). It’s human nature to protect one’s self from bullies. The Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) has kept the 2 superpowers from unloading on each other and has even scared the belligerents into taking apart a vast number; but those plutonium pits (the ignitors) are stored in secure facilities just in case. The misconception that our ICBMs are aimed at their ICBMs to eliminate the threat that they will be launched is a farce. Both superpowers have well-developed, advanced warning systems that, in the past, were almost responsible for a few retaliatory launches. Luckily, some lone humans stopped the deadly event from unfolding. The future may not be so forgiving. If an episode would occur and a launch takes place, there is no recall procedure that is foolproof. Who would launch a very expensive megaton weapon at an ICBM silo that will be empty by the time the weapon gets there? This thing is traveling at Mach 20 and is designed to go after military installations, manufacturing facilities, or leadership locations, all located in heavily populated areas. The only ones protected are the elite personnel that are embedded in secured bunkers. If you want to prevent a nuclear war, strap these decision makers to their nuclear weapons.

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