It’s Christmas and only 6 days away from the start of the 22nd century. With over 100 years of brutal war with the united forces of nearly all animal life, there was little to celebrate. The Humans with all their technology and sophisticated weaponry have managed to decimate thousands of species and have whittled down their own numbers from around 7 billion in 2000, to an estimated 950,000 free souls worldwide. The war of the seas was lost in 2072, when the last Navy ship sunk off the seaport city of Atlanta, Georgia, a direct result of global warming and rising sea levels brought on by occasional nuclear weaponry. The Navy was constantly harassed by marine animals such as Orcas, sharks, squids, whales, and flying fish. The vessels fell prey to vicious assaults that succeeded in crippling the ship by methods of mechanical sabotage, such as plugging intake water for cooling and depth sensor disruptions. The marine life surrounded the ship and laid siege to the crew until they slowly starved to death. The aircraft that used to resupply the ships pretty much disappeared by 2062 when the bird population joined forces with the Polar Packs. They flew their bodies into the turbine inlets, destroying the engines, thus forcing the ejecting aircraft crew to parachute right into snapping Orca jaws. Graphic and extremely effective. The Human ground troops shot the very last Polar Bear in 2049, but all that did was unite the animal kingdom into a diamond hard bond. Even the dogs turned their backs on their masters, and it was clear that unconditional surrender could never be a human option. The Humans fought valiantly for decades and now faced billions of terrestrial foes. As the remaining groups huddled in hardened, former Cold War military installations for safety, the driven creatures outside scratched at the locked doors incessantly. The somber humans quietly opened their Christmas presents hoping in vain for the greatest gift imaginable: PEACE. 

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