The morning boldly broke through the congealed remnants of the prior night. Burgundy sunlight pushed the black background off to the side as it strove to become the most important element of the daily transition from night to day. As it hit the earth’s surface, it devoured the darkened terrain that was consumed at dusk in a never-ending battle between light and dark. As Dave Lenard propelled his 2013 Toyota Matrix into the eastern light show, he sipped his high-octane latte to kick start his still sleeping body. As various organs responded to the chemical battery acid pumping through his arteries, his brain transitioned from an automaton like mode into a fully conscious human. He was headed for his mundane means of financial equilibrium (job) that gave him and his wife, Suzie, the ability to heat their home, lights to see, and tribute to Caesar (taxes), that allowed them to keep their house that took 25 years to own clear and free for one more year. Dave was fixed on the breathtaking scenery that was being cinematically displayed on his windshield. Spruce trees of a black-green hue beckoned him farther down the highway as morning winds waved their trunks. Birds of vibrant color, invited by the spring weather, flew in the road’s channel like tropical fish in a creek. A hesitant, salt lapping doe carrying an unseen fawn in her abdomen, gave Dave eye contact as he drove past her with apprehension. The Matrix did not sport very good armor. Around the bend, the river sent forth a cascading flow that foamed up like a malt in a mixer, thanks to the huge spring meltwaters that only months ago were targets of cuss words in people’s driveways. The barren oaks allowed sight into the forest, speckled with an oatmeal mix of dead leaves, happy rocks, and small patches of snow in isolated clumps. The show was suddenly over as Dave pulled into work. Nine hours later he emerged, anxious to repeat the 3D, IMAX-like ride back home in the old reliable Matrix. 

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