Some dreamer with delusions of grandeur thought it to be a great ego boost to place humans on the Martian surface. There’s only one problem, we are not Martians. We are not suitable astronauts or even aquanauts without intense engineering principles to keep us from dying. Our moon missions in the 60’s and 70’s were a remarkable feat but in reality, it was just a diversion to test rocketry concepts, inertia guidance, and fuels for more advanced ICBM development. The Space Shuttle Program spent a great deal of effort installing covert satellites and military hardware into orbit. The ISS is an ongoing experiment in demonstrating how hostile low gravity is to the human body with returning personnel suffering from vision problems, edema, and severe joint pain. We are designed for 1G and without a Planet Fitness onboard with nonstop hours of exercise, the heart shrinks, bone density drops, and muscles become atrophied. Intense cosmic radiation is still an unknown because, during the Apollo missions, the capsules flew in the shadow of the earth, shielding the crew. In a Mars excursion, no such protection is available, and a large solar flare will be deadly. Chemical fuels need to be transported for the entire round trip as there are no gas stations en route. Apollo 13 astronauts are extremely lucky to be alive. Lose your fuel and you will lose your way. Air, water, and food must also be transported and for every pound of these essentials, chemical fuel needs to be nine times as great. Humans love challenges and will jump in head long into solving a problem. Their egos push their brains and mistakes are made. To date 18 people have died in space and, if pursuing a Mars adventure, statistics will raise that number. If you think that would be the ultimate trip in your lifetime, you would be correct, especially if you were the pilot. Lesser individuals on board would be assigned values and if starvation ensued, they would become Donnerites, in other words: FOOD. 

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