Way back, when early man’s brain owned about 400 cubic centimeters of real estate in the human body, life was simple: eat, sleep, pay attention, or die. Over the next 3 million years, the growing human brain has fattened up to about 1400 cubic centimeters and this engorged encephalon created a lifestyle unlike any other creature on earth. He has learned to communicate with others across the planet. He transports himself readily through air, water, and around the surface of the globe. He invents the sciences to arrive at educated answers and publishes these results so that others can grasp this knowledge. He has effectively mastered a great deal of information and continues to expand that on a daily basis. The human brain is now available for complex problem solving such as determining what shoes to wear with what outfit. How to record the Grammy Awards on the DVR while watching Downton Abbey on PBS in real time. Lacing his morning cereals with chocolate. Figuring out how to collect $5 for a cup of 20 cent coffee. Inventing contact sports that cripple their children. Put bedridden, soiled individuals in front of a TV set for decades while their suffering pets are quickly euthanized. Building gas stations with 3 to a corner. Negotiating heavy traffic with people short on patience while carrying on a gossip-laden conversation and steering a 300 horsepower, ton-and-a-half motor vehicle. Consuming six high octane craft beers and discussing the possible benefits of a politician’s views by using the candidate’s own bullshit. Enjoying Oleo laced popcorn while watching a theatrical release about a group of terrorists who indoctrinate new members by surgically fastening Boy George hats on their heads. Going fishing with $123,649 worth of fishing related equipment and catching one carp. Sitting in a commercial aircraft with 224 other people who are releasing methane through their anuses knowing they can never get blamed. Evolution is fricken amazing. 

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