Sitting in her bedraggled bedroom, Sherry Langstrom (5C) looked around at her youthful accomplishments that were scattered about like tombstones in a cemetery. Her swimming awards from summer camp were hanging on the wall along with her gymnastic medals she took home at a high school meet when she was 15. Her grade and high school diplomas and class pictures adorned her dresser along with a pink jewelry box that was stuffed to the brim. Trinkets and earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that were given to her by her grandma, her mother, and family members filled all the felt lined compartments. Sherry was a well-liked young lady that had a huge future ready to unfold in front of her. She merely had to step out and claim it. Then, she slipped. Turning down a sports scholarship for gymnastics from a small college in Iowa, Ms. Langstrom elected to stay in her city and have a little fun before embarking on some more regimented school and sport activities that occupied her entire youth. Sherry landed a job at a chain restaurant that exposed her to a large cross section of American adults of all ages and backgrounds. Most encounters were brief and polite, but males of all ages were attracted to her innocent youth. A mid 20’s biker named Rocky (size 12EE) took special interest in her 18-year-old frame and created chemical releases in the young girl’s brain that were new and intoxicating. An evening ride on the back of Rocky’s bike got her hooked. She wanted that fast dangerous life and started with alcohol. Rocky had access to the heavy stuff and started slowly feeding her pharmaceuticals to loosen her sexual inhibitions that gave him control. Within 6 months, Sherry was severely addicted to oxycodone and dropped off the radar from her family. Living in a flop house and disgusted with her life, Sherry elected to end the nightmare and OD’d that night in her room. Alone, amongst her youthful accomplishments, her breathing stopped, and her heart followed suit. 

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