The WAR was raging, and enough was enough. Young bodies of both sexes filled the morgues like dead soldiers in a trench. Their deaths served no purpose because the drug dealers supplying them lost their customers, but there’s more coming out the birth canals daily. So, who cares? Well, someone did. It started in Columbus, Ohio when someone’s child overdosed, died, and devastated the family. An ex-military individual offered to take their daughter’s cremated remains to her favorite place in the world, Yellowstone Park, and drop her ashes over the impressive upper falls. The grief-stricken family couldn’t find the strength to carry this out, so the stranger volunteered his time and money to accomplish this. On a sunny day in autumn, he released her ashes into the golden canyon while a military friend filmed the occasion for the family. They cried uncontrollably when viewing her passage. Back in Columbus, they were met by a detective who confided the name and location of the drug dealer responsible for the death. Within one week, with help from the police department, a raid was organized. Saving 2 ounces of the young girl’s coarse granular remains, the soldier placed it into a shotgun shell with a small quantity of propellant in the base. When the police arrested the perpetrator, they handcuffed him to a chair and exited the room. The soldiers entered and sat across from him looking for any kind remorse. With the standard tough guy response of “Fuck You”, the sawed-off shotgun came out and unloaded into his face. Instantly gone was his vision, his sense of smell, his taste, and with a couple of quickly drilled holes in his ears, his world fell silent. The only sense that the drug dealer retained was feeling and Oh God, here came the pain. The low velocity shell never penetrated the skull but the blast with his victim’s remains peppered his face. He lives today ugly, blind, deaf, unable to smell or taste anything, but in intense pain, with NO drugs available. 

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