Eons ago, as objects pelted this planet, they brought with it a unique hitchhiker: WATER. This simple little character was the child of 2 elements that appeared from the marriage of 2 different generations. In the first generation, a terrific explosion more powerful than 10 M-80 firecrackers took place. Scientists called that the Big Bang. This gave birth to Daddy Hydrogen and a lot of his kind. They huddled tightly together until tremendous heat and pressure cooked up helium. After a long time, they kept baking and started making more ingredients until they concocted oxygen. This youngin’ saw stability and security with a marriage to 2 different, older hydrogen guys. They lived happy together as a molecule called WATER. They spent time floating around the universe and a few found a home on a planet called Earth. This place was special. At times, it allowed the WATER to live in 3 different states. There was New Gas, South Liquid and North Solid. It was wonderful as the planet’s climate made them move around and see new sights. One day (millions of years), they met 2 strange chemicals that were aggressive and tart. They called them Acid and Alkali. They were formed by interbreeding with metals, non-metals, and extra ions in 2 forms. They absolutely adored their new friend and chauffeur, WATER. Driving the 2 A’s around the planet on a downhill run, the antagonistic couple gobbled up a lot of mountain ranges and sent their discharges off to the low spots on the planet, compliments of the Uber dudes known as WATER. Doing it just to be nice, the 2A’s were so impressed at WATER’s laid back, flowing demeaner, the chemical clowns decided to pay homage to their special cabbies by honoring them.  They sacrificed their own existence. The 2A’s entered into a ritual that still takes place today. They had a steamy encounter between the 2 entities that resulted in the death of both lovers. The resulting offspring was NEW WATER and a fantastic food enhancer called SALT. 

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