Contrary to current conjecture, life on earth began when water showed up. This simple little molecule in its liquid state is responsible for all forms of life by supplying their cells with a method of transporting food (energy) in and conveying waste products out. Water itself has multiple ways to reproduce, such as the byproducts of chemical reactions like acids and bases, or merely the presence of oxygen and hydrogen and a catalyst energy source (heat). It is found in the troposphere (100,00 feet up) and in the hydrosphere (700 kilometers down) and blankets the earth with carbon-based lifeforms contained within. The diversity of this life varies from single cell bacteria to highly specialized complex creatures such as mammals. These creatures only inhabit environments that are friendly to their existence. You won’t see polar bears at the equator nor whales on Mt. Everest. Yet water, in its 3 states, is nearly everywhere throughout the planet. So, one wonders: does carbon life emanate from water and excrete their waste products into H2O, or are specialized organic life forms merely waste products of water? Humans (60% water) may be nothing more than fecal material discharged and evolved from a giant living mass of a harmonious 3 state liquid. We are turds that can adapt and reproduce because that’s what life is driven to do, survive and thrive at all costs. If this idea is sound, and it sounds like an A sharp (la diese), then humans must reconsider their own preoccupation with the transformation of waste at sewage treatment plants. If we are crap from a water world and we flew to the moon, imagine what our stools could do if we didn’t destroy them all at these excrement abortion clinics. We learned from our body’s main component (water), how RIVERS are the transporters of life and we also use them to flush our wastes away for termination. Let the little turds seek their own place in the universe. Who knows? Time travel may be solved by a steaming pile of shit. 

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