Those fabulous, flowing fountains of life and lucidity contain one more marvel that humans need to appreciate. Water contains an ocean of information. Since its birth in the early universe, water has been collecting and storing knowledge, and more pours in daily from rivers, streams, and comet conveyance. Water has recorded the absolute beauty and secrets that the cosmos has conjured over the ages. Built into the 3 physical states of H2O is the atomic structure that gives it substance, yet it also stockpiles information in another dimension that is invisible to us. This extra dimension transfers unconscious comprehension to the human form through its water content. Instead of an electrochemical nervous system that regulates the human body, which is falsely believed to create thought, water intermixes with other water and instantly shares information. The humans with their infinite ignorance believe they can solve all problems and unravel the mysteries of the universe. And pigs can fly. Any development that mankind has created is a direct result of consuming a bottle of water or taking a shower. The water of eternity mixes in the rivers of distribution. When man learned to release nuclear energy, do you think that he was meant to vaporize his enemies? Water supplies knowledge, man corrodes it. All life in the carbon form is a waste product of water, yet it learns to improve itself through duplication experiments. Someday, maybe, man will take the knowledge that rivers provide and create a peaceful, jubilant world, but he needs to extract his incorrigible human signature. Built into all civilized citizens is a desire to live next to a body of water so that they can bathe in the lifeform that was born in the core of suns and has witnessed the magic that this fantastic universe has forged. Dipping our stupid feet into this liquid university has given us the insights to create pet rocks, Play-Doh, and other profoundly perfect products for the betterment of mankind.

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