When the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program gets underway in 2024, a new generation of high powered, extremely accurate ICBM’s will be planted throughout the sparsely populated western states. The ranchers, nature enthusiasts, and unlucky souls who reside near them will be vaporized and obliterated in a stealth strike. The good news is that our President could attack first. With the passage of the United Nation’s ACCOUNTABILITY ACT (AA), any idiot leader that gives the order to “release the Kraken” must be placed in the first missile directed at the enemy. Not only does the leading official get a one-way ride to devastation, so does his immediate family and top advisors. Just below the nuclear warhead is a capsule mandated by international law that stipulates that 20 people, including offspring and top officials that have committed to go to war, be on the first missile to be launched. The idea of sending the culprits who declare war is an offshoot of the movie, DR. STRANGELOVE. When Major T. J. “King” Kong (Slim Pickens), rode a thermonuclear weapon out of the bomb bay doors of a B52 to utter destruction, it seems only fair to be the first casualty in an Armageddon war that will put your name in the history books. That is, if any survive after all the fires. This might come easy to some glory hounds anxious to get their name memorialized, but it could change their decision if their entire seed is vaporized too. Adding extra fuel to the ICBM that is needed to transport 20 “dead people flying” would not be a financial burden to the taxpayers who’ll be paying a price for the retaliatory strike. Instead of leaders cowering in an underground bunker while the rest of their countrymen bake in seconds, send them in first. Salutes, cheers and burnt rocket fuel will fill the air as the brave souls fly off in history. Too bad no one launched any weapons after them, and too bad they’re in an off-course dud heading for unoccupied Antarctica. 

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