The 5.5 trillion dollars spent between 1947 and 1991 on nuclear weapons, along with another 3 trillion on bureaucracy and conventional weapons, defined the Cold War that is still going on with restructured and additional players. The most expensive phase in the United States was the development of ICBMs that allowed us to blow up enemy cities without any military personnel leaving North America. The first batch was 107 Atlas missiles in 3 flavors that had the largest diameter silos ever built. They needed a huge elevator to lift the missile out, get fueled, and launched in about an hour, just like Walgreen’s photos. The next system was the most expensive and had 18 complexes built. Each Titan I site had 3 missiles and 2 radar dishes that elevated out of the ground. Release time dropped to 15 minutes. Operational status was 4 years. The 54 Titan ll’s were the first to be fired from their silos sporting a 9-megaton warhead and used hypergolic fuels to propel it. Launch time was around a minute, and all were retired by 1987. From early 1960’s until the present is the Minuteman I, II, and III programs along with a brief Peacekeeper appearance. There are around 450 missiles still in service with crews at the helm of these solid fuel, 300 kiloton warheads. The money spent on all these systems over 6 decades has trickled down to its citizens everywhere, creating wealth and innocent memories. The engineers, technicians, scientists, machinists, assemblers, servicemen, and untold thousands of others who held jobs that somehow created, tested, maintained, or supported these programs received paychecks. This money bought food, clothing, housing, vacations, go karts, dance lessons, cars, and college educations for millions of children of these people. Make America Great Again. Spend insane dollars on the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program and we’ll all have sleds named ROSEBUD. Just fill the warheads with rainbow marshmallows, but don’t tell anyone.

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