As time marches forward and armies of brilliant scientists seek out intelligent answers to basic questions, science grows exponentially. Only 60 years ago, the cutting-edge science books available to college students were packed with the most modern and accurate information of the day. Today, they are considered comic books because what we have learned since then, makes most of the knowledge present in them wrong and ridiculous. This trend will continue into the future as the scientific beliefs of today will fall from favor as new instruments and theories will create new science. This constant turnover of accepted ideas into pure shit, has its roots in the creatures that are responsible for all this change. They are mammals, which include dogs, and are coprophagia oriented, in other words, shit eaters. Not lethal, but extremely taboo for humans, this trend has people churning out ideas constantly only to have the next generation say, “that idea is full of shit”. In one field of science, such as cosmology, the experts argue the shit out of what happens at the event horizon of a black hole. The winning argument gets the prize only to have it revoked when a better solution surfaces. As dark matter and dark energy play into the expanding universe, 20 years down the road, there will be the introduction of black holes vs anti-black holes (white holes), infinite space vs finite anti-space and energy waves vs anti-gravitational matter. With new generations of humans constantly coming up with new shit just to prove their current superiority, one can’t help but realize that the whole INFINITE UNIVERSE is just a bunch of shit (food for thought). So, philosophy’s Occam’s Razor now comes into play stating that the least speculating theory is usually the better one. Therefore, there is no INFINITE UNIVERSE. Planet Earth is all there is and it’s just a great big ball of shit and everybody and anything that resides here eats shit and then dies.  Sounds plausible?? 

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