The Stoner family consists of Killer Kenny, Double D Debbie, 15-year-old Jeremia, a nephew that was dropped off at the Dew Drop Trailer Pork 4 years ago and never picked up, and rounding out the clan is Wilma, a 16-year-old left over from an affair Debbie had with the propane man. The county saw fit to sterilize young Double D, right after the birth of Wilma, as she tried to have sex with every social worker that crossed her path. Those huge cans made her tough to turn down, so the government stepped in and found their future soldiers elsewhere. Back at the Chrome Twinkie, located in space 13 at the Dew Drop Trailer Pork, lived the ensemble, along with 2 dogs and 7 cats. In the front yard were 4 tire swings with more tread on them than the tires on the family Gremlin. On the porch is an old coke machine stuffed with whatever beer was on sale and a fish cleaning station that was always licked clean by the cats. After slurping up the entrails of Jeremiah’s catch of Mississippi River catfish, the main staple of the Stoner family, the cats headed off to the back yard to unload their wastes into a pile of masonry sand that’s been sitting there for 4 years. Killer just never got around to building that brick outdoor barbecue pit. The 2 dogs, Shot and Gun, were crouching next to the sand pile, enjoying their monthly treat, chewing on Wilma’s tampons that she threw out of her bedroom window. It won’t be long before these bloody bubble gum treats disappear because Jeremia is nailing his cousin Wilma. Once nature gets its timing right, the Stoner family will be blessed with another unproductive member of society, ready to exploit the backwater sloughs and clean catfish. As Jeremia finished his 6th beer before 11 AM, he was soon headed down the hall to punish that cougar named Wilma. The tenants of the Dew Drop Trailer Pork would be proud of him if they knew that nephew Jeremia’s real daddy was a local propane man who was carted off to prison 15 years ago. 

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