Multiple government studies sometimes divulge information into questions that borders on taboo. Uneducated, young males growing up, always wonder when observing the female anatomy, “why is the garbage disposal so close to the brat factory?” The engineering mechanics of that question have been answered by the same author years ago in a written piece called, THE LAST RESORT. Since then, new information has come to illumination. It seems that science has discovered that it is intentionally designed to inject fecal material into a newborn. As disgusting as this might sound, one must understand the relationship between human beings and microbes. The little guys are there so that we can live. It’s as simple as that. The chemical processes that take place in vertebrates and invertebrates are nature’s way of harnessing energy. While plants do this through photosynthesis, the rest of life relies on consuming other life to continue to exist. This is where microbes shine. Breaking down complex proteins into usable sugars is what the entire digestive tract is all about. In mammals, our replacement packages develop in a saran wrap world for protection and require an injection of microbes that are painted on when leaving the factory. During labor, muscle contractions downstairs are twofold. One is to push the little bugger out and one to coat the labia (the squeegee) and the pubic hair (the paint brushes) with a healthy dose of kick start microbes. The 6-figure sissies need to stop ordering enemas at the expense of the health of a newborn. C-section babies are at a much higher risk of obesity and other health problems because they weren’t naturally “painted.”  The old adage of RUB SOME DIRT ON IT contains more wisdom than you think. The spray booth is there for a good reason and vanity and squeamishness need to go bye-bye in order to ensure the health of a newborn. Nature always gives them the proper send off in the assembly line of life. EAT SHIT AND LIVE. 

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