In the scheme of life, there exists forks in the highway of fate. As one approaches these multiple intersections, planning people stop and contemplate what may or may not lay down that path. At a 2-way split, looking only to the first curve that is visible down one road, and then examining the other route which disappears over the long distant curvature of the future, decisions become difficult. One must try and assess the problems one will encounter down each road. To the right, you can see the 1st curve and that’s it. What lies beyond is a total mystery. To the left, you can see smooth sailing all the way until the line of sight vanishes. What lies beyond that is also a total mystery. So now the old mush in the noggin starts its analytical process to determine which route in life is the best. Comfort, safety, and security is the brain’s response to road 2. Adventure, unknowns, and enigmas are what the brain concludes for road 1.  So, there you sit at this intersection of life, contemplating the final outcome of your next decision. You weigh all the information you have, and you still can’t make that choice. The only thing that is guaranteed in life is that death is at the end of both paths and that date is still unknown on either road. Left or right, 1 or 2; what to do? After a heap of time has departed, you are still at that stop sign trying to figure out which way to go. Then another individual pulls up behind you and starts honking his horn. This impatient bastard is going to make the choice for you. You instinctively turn left down road 2 and drive ahead in the easily traveled lane of life. As you cruise ahead, you wonder which path that snappy son-of-a-bitch went and look in the rear-view mirror. There, to your amazement, he only stopped for a second at that intersection, and put his vehicle into 4-wheel drive. He turned neither left nor right, but proceeded straight ahead, off road and into the total unknown. Opportunity knocks relentlessly. 

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