In the little world of viruses, there exists 5 major flavors that can be intermixed into an infinite number of subflavors. The predominant essences in order of availability are: Lemon, Chocolate, Vanilla, Carmel, and Strawberry. None of these flavors are 100% pure but are categorized according to a general coloring chart put out by some inept committee who just wanted to finish their assignment and go home. These 5 major viruses have distinct behavioral differences between them and, at times, experience friction due to misunderstandings. This is just how viruses operate. The ultimate plan is for a totally homogenized klan of a single virus that can go out and infect any lifeform that this world can throw at them. So far, so bad. Attempts to mix the Chocolates and the Vanillas have met huge resistance, as with the Carmels and Lemons. The low population Strawberries have been avoiding any intermixing because of their bad experiences with the Vanillas but are perfectly content with extracting their monetary instruments that the Vanillas use to gauge their success as entities in the virus world. A plan has been launched to blind all the little buggers so that no color will be seen. However, a physical barrier exists that puts this operation into standby. It seems color is beyond the scale of what viruses can see. It is similar to a human looking up in the night sky and seeing through his tiny expanding cone that is emanating from his eye. It is such a small portion of what lies beyond his vision that trying to comprehend the whole picture is absolutely pointless. So, all the flavors will simply continue to kill each other until a great big bottle of alcohol is dumped into their universe and all viruses will forever cease to exist. This leaves the rest of the universe to be as it is, until some other inept committee comes up with a new plan that will make it all work. Did anyone ever stop and realize that what we see is the only way it ever can be?

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