There it is! As plain as day, off to the east and just in front of the horizon. There lies, not one, but 2 Devils Towers on the British Columbia plains, many miles away from the Alaskan Highway, in an area that is remote and roadless. The volcanic plug that earned the status of an American National Monument in northeastern Wyoming has 2 twins in northeastern British Columbia, Canada, but no Provincial Park status exists for the copycats. The reason why is because they only existed in a dream. Somewhere in the complexity of neural networks, all that entangled organic latticework can create some very vivid and realistic dreams that are stored in a specific area of the brain. At times, these can filter over to the stored past memory part of the gray matter and can be perceived as actual events that took place in one’s life. This explains the stories of certain people’s accounts of being abducted by aliens. The dream could be influenced by a television program centered on all the alien hype during the cold war. With misinformation dispersed in an area that had military testing of weapons and aircraft, Aliens were everywhere in the southwest. Most came from Mexico, but the little, bug-eyed greenies from Roswell stood out the best. All you need is a few individuals from reputable backgrounds that had these dreams deposited into the “real” memory side of the brain and, bingo, we have an invasion. There also appears to be some Freudian response to the excrement organ which can double as sex organs, at times. Nearly always anally penetrated by Aliens, the abductees maybe the answer to the question as to why, at times, our memories are tricked into thinking that vivid, 3D dreams are a reality. Perhaps in the constant minutiae of daily existence with the same set of caveman characteristics, dreams of uniqueness and adventure are hatched. Something then triggers these dreams to get transformed into reality. The duality of the asshole may be the key to this mystery.

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