Born with a full head of hair and tolerance, with time and constant exposure to daily stress, hair and patience erodes, exposing bald spots of scalp and missing components of civility. In youth, an untied shoe became a game of trying to whip the laces around and see if you could get them to hook on the opposite shoe. Now, an untied lace is a potential trip to the hospital, and a game of Russian Roulette with infections and death. As soon as you observe your shoelace untied, the lack of patience produces the standard response of: #%₩&**! As a kid, being caught in a rainstorm was a godsent. There were puddles to jump in, people to splash, and acres of mud that needed to be widely distributed. Walking around with an empty pantry of patience, rain will now produce an utterance of: ●*☆$&¥. In the teenage years of undependable cars that were held together with miles of duct tape, a mechanical mishap that shouldered the stalled stallion caused some creative thinking. Mechanic’s wire and a 3′ wooden stick put your vehicle and your smiling face back on the highway. Now, with patience like a Depression-era bank account, the first words out of your mouth when the car hesitates slightly are: #$&%♧~○!! With marriage and replacement part children taking up most of your productive years, you thought nothing of changing a diaper on a crowded beach to alleviate the discomfort of your child. Grunts and sour faces of onlookers put a grin on your youthful mug as you did what you were supposed to do. Nowadays, as you cart around your well used digestive tract, a fart could be a filthy deception. With the gas released and the sensation of a warm liquid traveling down your leg like a pahoehoe lava, nerve signals reach the brain, and a firing solution is calculated. Seeing as how this computer has drained the warehouse of patience over decades of existence on this planet of obstacles, the final outcome of this situation is a 110 decibel gutterance of: *%₩#$●>☆£×:**. 

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