Flying into Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, one is amazed at the number of swimming pools that the Muddle (intentional) Class of America possess. Looking out the window of a landing (and flying) Boeing 737, one can see tens of thousands of small, sapphire blue jewels scattered throughout average neighborhoods. Once reserved for only the rich, it seems every other homeowner can now afford these luxuries. Thanks to plastic parts and vinyl liners, swimming pool ownership is now available to the masses. This is nothing new. In ancient human history, with the invention of the Middle Man, desired wares and food were sold to customers, via markets sporting businesspeople, who jacked up the price of the item and sometimes made more money than the producers themselves. This created wealth, and wealth needed to be displayed for the egoes of the vain. Enter swimming pools. Ancient cities such as Thebes, Uruk, Jericho, Babylon, Carthage, Rome, and Athens sported large public bathhouses and private pools. These pools exposed large surface areas of heated water and evaporated its contents into the atmosphere. This was the start of the very first human caused natural disaster. All these cities were destroyed by great floods, as described in the Bible, and what we see now are newer towns built on top of the old wreckage. With today’s modern conveniences such as boilers and piped natural gas, millions of pool owners are going to take us from the 2nd Antediluvian era into the 2nd Great Flood, at a much more destructive level. The Tucson and Phoenix residents have laid the seeds of destruction. A future rainstorm that will fill the Grand Canyon, the likes this earth has never seen before. During the 3rd Antediluvian Era, the creatures of the future will see faded yellow pool toys and inner tubes inside canyons everywhere. This will mark the end of Capitalism that drowned out the residents of earth in a shit show of greed and an excess of materialistic crap. 

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