What would be the odds of finding large numbers of the same type of animals in one area? The answer depends on the type of creature you are studying. If they are herding animals such as ungulates like impala, antelopes, and camelids (llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicunas), then the odds are good that multiple creatures are in the same area. If some sort of natural disaster took place long ago, such as a fire, a volcanic eruption, or a flood, then many dead animals would show up in one spot. If conditions were right and these creature’s bones were fossilized, then paleontologists will find many bones in one location. And they do. But, at times, they find many different species, including predators, all in one dig site. What is going on here? A few explanations are given. 1). This area was a feasting ground that supplied food and water to the grazing crowd and the meat eaters jumped in. 2). The area was a food preparation kitchen for ancient cavemen, and they threw the bone scraps into a heap. 3). This is the former location of a prehistoric puppy (dinosaur) mill, where ancient beings bred offspring for sale to others. Supply exceeded demand, and all the interbred farm stock was destroyed. 4). This was an old zoo that no longer could attract enough fans to make it a viable operation and the owners walked away. 5). These sites were the staging spots of an expedition of aliens who visited this planet millions of years ago. They needed a bunch of pack animals to lug their fuel, food, and scientific instruments out to their research areas. Sometimes these unsuspecting victims became lunch after their usefulness was fulfilled, similar to Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims. From sex to salads and cocksucking to casseroles. In Antarctica, pony and dog bones will be found after the ice melts and future societies will scratch their heads trying to figure out how they got there. Sometimes you only need to look back to yesterday to figure out what happened 300 million years ago. 

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