There is an ongoing barrage of financial institutions that vie for your heavily encouraged savings so that you (they) can profit. Not content with 1 or 2 different methods to grow interest, the choices are confusing to Average Arnold. There are stock markets, money markets, bonds, annuities, real estate (REITs), precious metals, commodities, and a whole bunch of sub-divided combinations to choose from. The internet ads are constantly telling you to put your hard-earned savings into their institutions so that you (they) can prosper. The owners of these helpful facilities are usually multimillionaires, and a few are billionaires, so why would they need your funds to prosper? Because they can’t lose when it’s your money. There are always graphs and charts to show you how your money in their accounts almost always go up at a 45° angle. Can they help it if the printer they hired put that graph in backwards? NO!  When the great Internet God finds out you have some spare loot laying around, they fill your computer screen with ads about how the stock market is going to crash and you need to get your money into precious metals. At the same time, other companies are telling you the stock market’s about to explode, and you need to transfer more money over there. They make their money on transfers and managing fees and really don’t care what the richest 100 people in the world are doing to manipulate the economies. It’s a rigged game. You are free to play this game as a day trader but get ready to get all your free time sucked out of your life because if you’re not there at the precise moment the computers start selling, you will be out thousands in seconds. There will always be a few individuals who seem to create gains regardless of the markets and they now sell you this information with a tiny disclaimer on the bottom that pretty much says that they are lucky. If you want to make a steady income, go to work and buy guns with your wages. They only go up.

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