This is a lesson in banking and explains the average mindset of middle-class Americans. The great American dream is to get married, have children, buy a house to raise the little love muffins in, and decorate the abode with flashy junk or flunk as it is slangily(?) known. The purpose of flunk is twofold: 1) to establish one’s uniqueness in a sea of humanity and then be recognized by strangers. 2) stimulate the economy by having many people purchase useless, shiny flunk. All this nonsense is encouraged by nationwide banking personnel that will generate huge profits by usury tactics. An example is a $100,000 mortgage for a $100,000 house (no profit here, right?). Ha! The bank gets you to sign a contract for a 4% loan rate that is spread out over 30 years. $100,000 × 4%= $4,000, right? Ha! That bank is charging you interest on a monthly basis and in 30 years you will pay roughly $300,000 for a $100,000 house. You will also need to dispense maintenance money in order to keep it functioning properly and make it exclusively yours. During this 30-year period, if you miss paying your loan payments at any time, the bank can foreclose and force the sale of your flunked out house, thus putting you on the street, homeless. At the same time, banks are giving business loans to entrepreneurs who are creating flunk to sell to you with your own loan money. You pay twice. Examples of flunk are: 1-piece toilets, colored and stenciled concrete, high gloss entry doors, wrought iron fences, fancy roofs, designer furniture, stainless steel appliances, exotic wood flooring, and a barrage of other environment destroying trash that will make you look really cool and broke. The bank is more than happy to give you a home equity loan so you can buy more flunk and forever stay in debt. As you walk into the lavishly decorated bank and have a seat with the loan officer, he pulls out a form from the “F” file cabinet for you to fill out. It’s right there under the heading of: FLUNKIE. 

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