Exiting the lavish elevator of the Welt Cargo building, and being spilled on to the 42nd floor atrium, Dennis Black was impressed with the rich Corinthian leather that adorned the Cordoban corridors of the financial giant. It screamed of excess and reverberated tones of, “it’s your money and we’re gonna spend it.” Mr. Black turned left down the hall and approached the 10′ tall, etched, stainless steel door that Joe Bob Smith did business behind. Upon entering, Mr. Black shook the moisturized cream hand of Mr. Smith and they both sank into $4,500 chairs to discuss their dealings. After the standard cordial banter about the wife and kids that both parties rushed through, care was taken to not reveal any untidy truths. In reality, time was destroying the beauty of their wives and luxury spoiled the innocence of their children. Pharmaceuticals and alcohol ruled the lives of all who partook in this lifestyle. Moving on to business, the pair discussed the upcoming financial atmosphere and Joe strongly recommended staying the course in aggressive investing. Sitting on the sidelines with an intact egg was foolish because the financial fertilizers of growing huge cash lie in the market, not in safety hording. Joe was extremely persuasive and had every printed digit to back up his data at hand. This was a must, as selling stocks or derivatives was the gravy train that investors rode without putting themselves at risk. It was the clients’ need for greed that gave this career a free ride. The carrot was out there, let’s see how the jackass reacts. Dennis looked at the figures and it all pointed to an upcoming correction which is fancy word for a crash. Like 2 drunken drivers heading down the same highway in oncoming directions, an upcoming correction is imminent. With no regard for his own future, which is tilting rapidly towards the guaranteed dirt nap, Dennis’s only concern is his wife and children and going nowhere financially is stupid. Dennis was all in. 

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