Dennis Black’s uncomfortableness down under was not subsiding. He figured after a couple of days, the chili powder would lose its kick and the burning would disappear. Now with 2 months gone by, the internal colon flame was still lit, and this just added to his accumulating woes. It seems that the virus vaccine that was recently distributed to the masses was on the news with some very scary side effects and the medical industry was in a mad scramble to make this information disappear. Dennis who had this unknown concoction injected into his body back when he last saw Joe Bob Smith, figured he was out of the woods. The worldwide pandemic was downgraded to an inconvenience the minute the pharmaceutical industry figured they had the cure. “Hush the rush”, was the industry’s new buzz word to quell the panic. Additional testing and independent chemical analysis was starting to show a dangerous side effect of producing excessive amounts of the hormone, adrenaline, when giving the vaccine to the people. Somehow this little trickle of “crazy sauce” was accumulating in 96% of the recipients and was creating violent behavior, even in persons who never had a mean streak in their life. The data was both alarming and ominous. Talk was budding out of observations, that the virus was not the threat, but in reality, the excuse to get people to take the real poison in the form of the vaccine. It almost seemed planned that by instilling severe violence in ordinary people, the people in power could get their police forces to exterminate about half of a country’s population, thus easing the stress on the planet earth. We are going to run out of oil in the next few decades at current consumption. It now takes 8 gallons of oil to extract 1 gallon of crude from the earth. The virus was a ploy and controlled extinction has been delivered by injection. It’s just a matter of time to sit around and watch the scenario unfold as humans disassemble humans with pure, virgin rage. 

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