When the carnage ended that day, the death toll was 45,089. The repercussions of those reactions took another 882 million lives worldwide in the next year, and the total death toll attributed to the Corona Virus Vaccine was 2.8 billion in its 10-year run. The world’s population stabilized at 4.9 billion; the same as 1974 when the planet was on the brink of nuclear annihilation and a major energy problem due to colonialism, politics, and inflation. Now gone are stock markets, industrialists, and the extremely rich. They have been hunted down and executed 1 by 1, and their bodies desecrated by angry crowds just like Benito Mussolini and his mistress. Adrenaline is still excreted by the endocrine system and terrible human behavior will continue until this species is dead and gone. Money’s purpose as a success barometer has waned and the dollar has been replaced by the universal bitcoin. Hording these are illegal. Society has reverted back to an agricultural one, with healthy food production priority 1. Transportation is only necessary for food distribution and the oil industry is 1% of its former self. People live in family groups and communicate with others for trade. All communications are by electronics to prevent direct human contact and possible future viral infections. War, poverty, and most environmental diseases have disappeared. Death is now by organ exhaustion. As for Joe Bob Smith, he and his wife, Janut, died 5 years later. Joe succumbed to heart disease brought on by his earlier years as a financial advisor and his wife by Sati, an ancient Indian ritual reactivated by the new society that encourages the wife to throw her body on the flaming funeral pyre of her dead husband. Dennis Black lasted 9 more years and survived by turning his swimming pool into a vegetable garden. Dennis and Atea lived in 1 room and spent the rest of their lives disassembling their house and burning it for fuel in the winters. When Dennis died, Atea snuck off to Antarctica.  

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