The nearby aquarium had little white caps on the surface, compliments of 2 grown men exercising their right to be stupid and greedy. One was supplying vibrations into the floor with his fear from a near death situation, while the other added to the generated waves by the rapid muscle convulsions brought on by a spent rage. As they lay on the floor, the emotions left their body and an aquarium calm settled in. They both know they screwed up royally and hoped forgiveness was at hand. Joe began to confess his materialistic sins because his gods (the big bankers) had left him hanging. Joe exclaimed: “I’m sorry, I did not foresee the full scope of this plan to get rid of some of the hoi polloi. They only said they had a plan to rid the planet of most of the useless who were a drain on society and hence them. Those rich pricks came up with a plan to modify a common flu virus and scare the crap out of the uneducated freeloaders. All they were trying to do was scare them into taking a contrived vaccine that was engineered to build up adrenaline, then create a rage-induced reaction to taking away any money promised them, and our police forces would handle them as they saw fit.  The cops are heavily armed, compliments of the taxpayer. These morons at the top never thought our standing armies would stand down. They believe money can buy anything and they just can’t get enough.” Joe continued. “They saw nothing in the past 100 years that said they couldn’t get away with it again. Revolution is just too much damn work for most people.” The 2 men sat on the floor and peered out as people from both views were being thrown out of high-rise windows. Who’s to blame?  Greed is created in the neuron pathways along with other addictions such as gambling, alcoholism, and the sins of the skin (sex). The 2 men helped each other up and headed towards their homes. Joe was relieved to be alive and Dennis’s nagging, burning pain in his ass was no longer present. All was good. 

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