KAY 9’s


The furry, 4-legged, fanged friend entered the room nose first, because that is how nature invented them. Their entire existence is centered on their acute sense of smell and their body design is all about transporting that nose to locate friend or foe and turning them into lovers or lunch. That extended muzzle is designed to house a huge olfactory factory in order to sample the local atmosphere and figure out if it’s time to eat or cheat. As the nostrils flex and pulsate, a small vortex is created around the nasal entrance and suspended molecules of food or pheromones are pulled deep into the snout siphon to be analyzed by up to 300 million smell sensors. The comparison to their human masters is that they possess 6 times more scent processors and utilize 40% more gray matter to figure out what is generating that odor. Fido’s other favorable asset is its devotion to the biped inbreds known as human beings. Waiting patiently for an entire day for the human jailer to return from work or the tavern to spring their inmate. It’s a ritual that exemplifies total loyalty. Wagging their tails profusely, smiling, and doing their love dance is a sight that humans would never give to their own kind unless the male’s scrotum is pulsating with sex sauce and needs immediate release. All this for a handful of dried dog food and a constant tug on the leash during their ritual walks to sample the elusive odors of life. As the impatient idiot strangles their pet’s neck in order to get home and watch the disgust dispenser with over 200 channels, this loyal creature is ready to alert its owner to any threat and would lay down its life for nothing in return. Humans need to appreciate these dedicated souls and overlook their unbridled enthusiasm as another dog is about to be encountered on the pathways of life. When the canine needs more information of its own species, the nose is inserted 1″ from the anus and the nose goes into overdrive. This is instinct. It goes into the stink. 

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