The few security people left in charge at the main floor of the Welt Cargo Investment building were extremely nervous that Wednesday morning. A few even called in sick last night and the remainder decided to load up with extra ammo and 1 more concealed heater for additional protection. Congregating at the reinforced basement security office, the 7AM meeting centered around yesterday’s severe stock market crash and the potential for encountering a slew of angry investors. The security captain let out a call to Chicago’s Finest and was assured that the city police force would be available if anybody got out of line. He then forwarded this information to his 22-man force that was in charge of maintaining peace in the prestigious 50 story financial tower. With the loss of 6 officers who experienced sudden symptoms of the year-old-plus virus that was making the world sick, the captain requested 10 extra officers from headquarters in the southwest suburbs. The main office responded with a confirmation that they would be there at 9AM when the building opened. Although Welt Cargo owned the building through 6 different shell companies to take advantage of any tax loophole that presented itself, the firm only occupied 22 floors of the structure. The rest had been subleased to other companies who may or may not have any business dealings with the primary party. This is the beauty of the American Industrial Complex: no one really knows who owns what and who works for whom. This severely lessens any chance of 1 lone executive of going to jail for criminal activity; the maze of contrived companies that exist are designed to throw off any investigate entities that may come sniffing around. The extra cost is well worth the security to protect the corporate officers from prosecution. The captain was waiting by the front door for his extra 10 men, who should be right outside this building any moment now. It was 8:54AM and help was promised, just like God answers prayers. 

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