When a fairly accurate predictability needs to be coaxed from a natural occurrence, nature reveals itself in adhering to underlying rules. In certain instances, the resulting data presents itself graphically in the shape of a bell curve. The width and height of the bell shape hinges on the duration and volume of the data that is recorded. The most famous bell curve that is generated is the overall display of human intelligence in a cross section of a society. On the left side is a small percentage of humans who are mentally challenged and will experience great difficulty functioning in society. On the far right is a proportionally small number of very intelligent people that can make doors open for them with their advanced intelligence. In between is the bulk of the population that is considered to be average. Those graphs are from the 1950’s to the turn of the century. Now with the advent of social media, fictitious information and education programs that leave no child left behind by lowering the standards, a general dumbing down of the human race has slowly emerged. Growing up on chemical additives, pesticides, herbicides, and addictive pharmaceuticals, the gray matter just doesn’t matter anymore. The new intelligence graph now possesses a wedge shape with a greater percentage of lower human intelligence on the far-left side. A rapid ascent in excess of 45° in the middle, signifying average, and then dipping down almost vertically to the far right representing a select few intelligent individuals. It greatly resembles the Rock of Gibraltar with the western face representing the dummy population, climbing rapidly to an average intelligence represented by the nearly 1400′ elevation, and then falling off in a near vertical cliff on the east side of the peninsula into the Mediterranean Sea. This disputed terrain owned by England and attached to Spain’s Iberian Peninsula is now the new icon representing the current stupid human evolution of today. 

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