At the Kennedy Space Center, the phallic shaped rocket sits erect on the launching pad. The awaiting astronauts are sitting in a pair of rooms at the base of the rocket. When given the OK, they exit the 2 rooms and make their way through a narrow walkway into the rocket. Surrounding this walkway is an expandable bag of chemicals that help protect and transport the astronauts in the walkway to the rocket as they pass through an area of toxic liquid fuels. Once inside the rocket, they are soon launched into dark space for colonization. As the launching pad gets older, some engineering blunder causes the expandable bag (prostate) to increase in size and start chocking off the walkway (urethra). Somebody in the accounting department thought it would be a great idea to install the expandable bag where it is now and save money. This design flaw needs to be corrected immediately. The original plumbing design pushed the astronauts (sperm) through the spent fuel (urine) piping path (urethra). This is all fine and dandy when brand new, but aging increased the size of the expandable bag from a small (walnut) to a large (watermelon) size. When the prostate starts expanding to the size of a watermelon, the compressing effect greatly impedes the flow of urine, and the poor soul is wearing out his zipper trying to get this strangulated flow out of his body. This is just dumb design, and the treatments are even dumber. Zapping the watermelon with lasers, shoving an expanding balloon into the region, or surgically removing the prostate are the current cures. Why not relocate the prostate down in the scrotum right next to the testicles? There’s plenty of room for expansion down there as it is out in the open. Rewrite the DNA sequence and place the prostate right along with the balls in the sex sack and this will leave room for growth. With 2 balls and an expanding prostate housed in the scrotum, it will only get bigger with age. You don’t fuck with big ball grampa. 

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