On construction sites, people can be found with tape measures on their belts or in their pockets so as to determine where they are in 3-dimensional space. The construction site group consists of tradesmen who utilize these tools to interact with each other and the architect who drew up plans for the structure being built. Tape measures are the communicators for specifying where walls, doors, and toilets go. Good tape measures are the tools of the gods that get massive stone structures, landscaped public spaces and magnificent civilizations built in 3D. Bad tape measures cause human failures in cognitive abilities to communicate intelligence effectively. These bad tape measures consist of portions that are broken or have missing numbers along its length. Without the proper coordinates to converge on 1 specific spot, ideas are lost, and uselessness starts to invade these poor people’s lives. This condition is known as dimensiona and slowly robs their victims of functionality. Without the brain’s ability to figure out where it is in 3D space, neurons misfire, and the solution to something as simple as: WHAT’S MY NAME? becomes a frustrating puzzle. Something has thrown off the GPS system of the cranium protein pudding and some key clues are a recent head injury. Perhaps, in this scenario, the brain has moved 4 cm. to the left and 2 cm. down. With the prearranged geometry now relocated, thoughts can’t converge, and ideas can’t be formulated because the road map has been changed. The solution to the problem would be to pull the brain back to its original location and put the stop and go lights at the intersections instead of the middle of the block. These corrections could be accomplished by technicians trained in restoring dimensiona aberrations. After an MRI, a solution would be calculated, the neural doctor would pick up a hammer and strike the patient in the head at the right spot, with the proper force and direction. Side effects are minimal. 

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