Brand and Tracey Busch were in their 20th year of bliss and had previously worked through a child rearing process of epic proportions. They were a rare breed that had conceived a child in matrimony and delivered a boy to raise for themselves. Upon success of this accomplishment of 18 years, they did what all normal, sane parents do: they threw him out. Now with no one to influence and still reasonably young, the couple contemplated raising another child, but not through the whole process. Tracey recalled all the bad memories of a time when teething, turbulence, and torture of the parents by a rambunctious boy took place. She did not want to experience that again. The mere fact of having an only child speaks volumes of intelligent parenting. Now with that monster down the road and suffering the sins of his own genitalia (children of his own), the Busches are on EEgirl looking to fill the void and give Tracey someone to talk to. Looking for someone in the 8–10-year-old range, they spotted Darla, a 9-year-old brunette from divorced doctors in Michigan on the website. Looking at her pedigree, the Busches knew they would have to bid high to win this little, well-educated doll, so Tracey sold her brand-new Cadillac and traded down to a Chevy Spark Hatchback. They bid $21,582 for Darla and won. The STORK CO.’s rates were too pricey, so they elected to have her shipped on the old SS Badger car ferry. Picking her up in Manitowoc, the threesome got acquainted on the ride home and Darla was shown her new 8×10 foot bedroom. Her 14 suitcases of clothing filled the entire room. Over time, the threesome adjusted, gelled, and harmony coated the lives of the new Busch family. Tracey had a new soul mate, Brand got a new landscaper that looked forward to cutting the grass on an 8-year-old riding lawn mower, and Darla received an exquisite education into the lives, lores, and loves of a typical, middle-class American family. She would become a much more diverse individual.  

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