Within 3 decades of online adoption, sociologists noticed a massive move in human behavior for the better. At first the trend was negative as human trafficking, labor abuse, and child abandonment showed up in spades. As more data came in at the beginning of the 2nd decade, the incidents of dysfunctional behavior fell as ALL families were included into these offspring internet sites. What was corrupting the data was a group of pedigrees that were banned from participating in this experimental trial, and these folks were stuck with the brood that they had conceived. Without an escape scenario that others were privileged into, the evils of human behavior surfaced like a panicked porpoise. Sticking to the hand they were dealt with, they faltered in their parental goals and eventually abandoned their children emotionally. The internet adoption program gave families hope and allowed those that lost interest to give up on a task that they were not cut out to perform adequately. The upside is that humans are quick to adapt, and immersion in another environment altogether increases a child’s resourcefulness to tread in a world of infinite complexity. Children were quick to drop racism and ridicule when they moved between many, unique families. The most a young mammal can stay with a group is the elephant (15 years) and their whole ritual is survival. With humans, weaving through the maze of human behaviors requires intelligence created by broad experiences, and nothing fills the bill like moving a growing child from family to family through their most important development stage. Stagnation breeds stupidity. The program did see some failures, but it was the defective parents’ fault that developed these bad habits. Both parties were removed from the program and banned forever. With an average of 2 years with any family, the children are readopted and moved on, only to become more resilient. After 2 years, interest wanes. The final word in families is: LIES! 

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