A source of kinetic energy that many people aren’t aware of is condensing a portion of the atmosphere into compressed air. That huge ocean of invisible gas that humans require for life and live at the transitions of it and our land or water, is a gold mine of energy. It is responsible for our greatest accomplishment of the early 1900’s known as flight, and it was human inventions that allowed man to leave the ground. This vast medium that transports water to higher elevations, only to fall back as rain, has an untapped power source that would allow us to stop putting lethal gases back into its source. Man’s huge mistake is our internal combustion engines that burn hydrocarbons and emit CO2 and other toxic gases into the atmosphere. Brought on by the industrial age and its support industry, known as transportation, the 2 have thrown trillions of tons of pollutants into the air we breathe. There are old technologies that have been around for hundreds of years, but they seldom get married together because of entrenched greed. One invention that goes back to the 16th century is a trompe, which is an air compressor that has no moving parts. A Taylor Hydraulic Air Compressor was built near Rockland, Michigan, in 1904, that utilizes 345′ of falling water to attain 120psi of compressed air at 40,000 cfm. It supplied power to run an entire copper mine until 1921 when the price fell. It lays underneath a reservoir, still functional. Utilizing current compressed air engines to propel vehicles, the FART CARS emit only air and could transport us into the clean future. Once the shaft and collection chamber are finished, the entire compressor station is 100% green, and the system is 70% efficient. No water is lost, and the system is self-regulating. The only problem would be to develop the technology and business model, without getting your ass run off the road and into a huge oak tree at 3:30 in the morning, in a rural part of the country. The new modern green is now blood red.

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