The male human gender is an awkward lot, oscillating between a macho image of independence and an underlying loneliness. While the first one dictates a lone, solitary existence, the second one regrets what the first has created. Nature, in its infinite silliness has set up a series of obstacles in everyone’s life just to stimulate that mass of mush up inside that skull. Somewhere between a prolate spherical obloid (football shaped) and an oblate spherical obloid (M&M shaped) lies a human head attached to a mobility device (a body) that faces these obstacles every day. The skull contains all 5 senses while the rest of the body only shares 1 sense: PAIN. So, the head is the most important object in this game of life. Built up on the forward pointing direction is the face, which houses the viewports of sight, smell, and hearing. Just inside of the big breathing port is the tongue for taste and the whole contraption is wired with neurons for feelings, both external (sensory) and internal (emotional). This is where most of the decisions take place in solving these obstacles. When faced with hunger, food is procured and eaten. When external discomfort is sensed, immediate relocation is engaged, and the body moves to colder or warmer places. When loneliness rears its sad self, an inability to correctly understand this complexity that involves interpersonal relationships occurs, and we get awkward behavior in spades. The underlying drive in these stimuli is that nature is tired of your old model and wants to start another. You are being urged to reproduce. Deep within this urge are prehistoric rituals that go back to the era of worm lifeforms, and so this dilemma is handed off to the backup skull that is hanging off the other end of the torso. Males are nothing more that advanced (?) skeletonized, 2 headed worms that can sometimes hold a job and be coaxed into a lifetime of raising the new replacements to the best of their abilities. Good luck with that demanding mission. 

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