Due to the location of the Hudson and James Bays, that huge expanse of water has had a significant impact on the surrounding climate and forced the boreal forest all the way down into northern Michigan. What you see there, lifeform wise, is similar to Alaska, the land of staunch survival. Trapped in a low spot is an ancient glacial lake that has public access via a state-owned boat launch. Venturing out onto the wooden catwalk, an obscure individual overlooked the magnificent view that lay before him. The late summer sun showed early signs of foliage transition from greens to future reds and tangerines as the still water lay like a flattened crystal ball. Suddenly, a silver shimmer caught the observer’s eye as he looked down to watch the light show. There he was: Mikey, the minnow, who was broadcasting his position due to a flaw in nature. He must have been born with defective gills as this minnow bent its body into a horseshoe shape and back again in 2 second intervals. Watching the struggling creature punish itself just to breathe, the lone human kneeled down to study further. This small creature was putting most of its energy into staying alive. With its writhing motions and lack of escape tactics, this little lad was not going to be around too much longer. The aged individual, who witnessed death on a few occasions, took it upon himself to end this poor soul’s suffering and cupped his hand underneath Mikey. As he pulled him out of the water to crush his existence, he opened his hand to view him 1 more time. Mikey saw opportunity, and with his constantly exercised body, pushed off that human’s hand and leapt 6″ to freedom, back in the lake. Debating whether or not to retrieve him, the answer was obvious. Any creature that displayed that amount of gumption to survive, regardless of the obstacles, did not need an independent committee to determine his future. Mikey oscillated away towards a sad unknown, but a totally free existence in his own universe. 

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