Sincerity: the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. Finding an individual with this quality is very rare. Finding someone in the business world with this trait is very nearly impossible. If they ever had it, the day-to-day interactions with other human beings involving money would erode this quality immediately and leave only in its wake a facade of fakeness. These people who go out in the golden world of profits have seen enough of pathetic human behavior. Employed by corporations that advertise friendliness, fairness, and integrity, they are hired and trained in tactics that produce the illusion that they really care when the whole motivating force is a handsome profit. An example: flight attendants on airlines who were hired for their social and people skills to make their flights enjoyable throughout an otherwise uncomfortable situation, such as flying in a confined space with total strangers for hours on end. This scenario is especially stressful for some people with certain fears, such as acrophobia, claustrophobia, or xenophobia that may surface. As the flight attendants do an incredible job of pleasing a huge cross section of society on a daily basis, occasionally, a confrontation arises. When dealing with a customer who’s anger level is rising, the flight attendant will do the best they can to rectify the situation, but if they cannot meet the demand, the sincerity level also rises. “I’m sorry sir, but we are out of Scotch,” is the first response. Next in line, if another choice in alcohol doesn’t meet expectations, then, “I am so, so sorry, sir” is pulled out of the trick bag. Finally, as a last resort, the pseudo sincerity remark, accompanied by a bouncing hand, is the famous, “I am so, so….SO SORRY,” comes out. As the flight attendant goes back to the galley towards her fellow workers, the outcome assessment order is given. “We got a complete asshole in 14C.”  “If he pipes up again, Ex-Lax the stupid prick ’till he shits.” 

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