The world of business has a unique game plan that will net them billions of dollars in profits, all for the good of the upper echelon. Just a few of the pathetic players in this game of ‘screw the consumer’ are construction companies, defense contractors, insurance companies, the medical industry, and everybody else. The only one not on this list are charities, however their CEOs like to pay themselves an ample salary that will match the GNP of a small country, fly first class, and stay in 5-star flop houses, so let’s throw them on there too. The creativity of their corporate tactics needs a high-5 as the human brain always strives for getting more milk out of a tit: something learned at birth. A sample of some of these schemes are double billing by the construction companies. For the defense contractor: selling a government a billion-dollar plane with a cotter pin and sending a $1,000 hammer along to drive the pin in. For the insurance companies: issuing a million-dollar life insurance policy 25 years ago and when the client dies, say nothing to the beneficiary. For the medical industry: giving an uninformed patient an entire battery of unnecessary tests to keep the young doctors busy. As for the rest of the gang, it is an ongoing bag of tricks to swindle you out of a lousy dollar, or tens of thousands of them, by inventing creative tactics to keep the business going into the next century, or until the villa in the Cayman Islands is paid for. Even when it is, they’re going to get you to pay for the electricity to run the waterfall. The techniques are endless and produce investigative journalist programs such as 60 MINUTES, that exposes these scams for decades with the end results being identical: nothing happens. Just to make sure that no one is left out in the cold snow, companies have saw fit to wait until a customer gets to a magic age of 60 plus and starts sneaking little charges on their credit card bills and bank statements. Hey, they’re senile anyway.

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